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Some suppositions about terror

to terror in paris at November .13. 2015.

16. November 2015


This Terror could be connected with the killing spree without concrete reasons in US or Tokyo. Though ISIS has already announced they did it, we don’t know how and how much did they take part in.


I guess: “the action itself could be volitional at first and some reasons followed later”. People think usually the reason provoke the action – no. In this case, the reason could be “found” after the action – by terror attackers themselves and by ordinary people like us. I mean not that the killing spree in japan or us. But I think: “it should be studied actually as social problem. The Reasons are in and from our society, why they will decide to do this action”.


We follow the news under the clear and easy reason with sign “ISIS”, to find some reasonable motivation of terror. But the part of “ISIS” is just only the final part to realize their wish to support destruction of the city. It is like, they turn on the fire on the fuse of bombe. My question is: the bombe, the potential drive to destruction should be made from the actual social problems – not religious matter.


In a Novel of Ryu Murakami “From the Fatherland with Love”, the young guys fight against the military from North Korea. The Guys have killed people “offhandedly” and are from social community isolated. This situation is other way round: the people like this isolated guys is corresponded with the idea of ISIS.


As I read the article of Spiegel, there are some place with self-killing bombing without victims and much numbers of people were died at other places. If this 8 people made a group for this operation, and it could be the group, which was made from 1 professional trained man and 7 absolutely amateurs… and if they knew each other somewhere on the online-platform and they could plant the terror operation there… We can guess so hypothetically.


If this supposition could be somewhat on the right direction, the reasons, why the 7 people visited this platform, and the way how the society handles with this motivation to destruction, are the social matter – not only the direct religious matter.


As far as I follow a little bit the news, my supposition could not completely wrong way…